Iwatsu System Tips

Setting up your ESNA Voicemail the First Time

  1. Access the tutorial by pressing the Message button on your telephone.
  2. Enter the default password: 1111
  3. Walk through changing a passcode, recording your personal greeting, and recording your name. (To skip the Busy and Unavailable greeting recordings, press any key.)
  4. Do not hang up until the system confirms you have completed the mailbox setup tutorial.

NOTE: The voice mail tutorial can only be accessed by a limited number of users at one time.  If you hear only ringing instead of the message center greeting, please hang up and try again later when a free voice mail port is available.

Changing time on IWATSU Telephone System

Change the clock on the telephone system only.  If you want to change the voicemail time (that controls scheduled night status), please contact Electrical Sales Corporation.

  1. From an attendant * phone (this is usually the main answering phone or receptionist)
  2. Press  [SPKR], or lift the handset **
  3. Press  [FEAT]***  +  [6] [4]
  4. Enter the current time of day using the 24-hour clock format    [MILITARY TIME] (if 8:05am,  enter 0805 — if 5:05pm,  enter 1705)
  5. Press  [SPKR]   or hang up

The time is now changed on all the phones in the Telephone System.

*You can determine if your phone is an attendant phone by pressing the FEAT button then dialing 99  (with the phone on hook).  If the extension number shown on the top right of the display has a small “s” behind it, then it is an attendant phone.

** You should hear ICM dial tone, not outside dial tone. If you hear outside dial tone or no dial tone at all press the Intercom (ICM) button then proceed to step 3.

*** The FEAT button is next to the 7 on the dial pad, above or below the TRAN button